Sitemap - 2022 - The Art of Alchemy

Sitting With Uncomfortable Questions: A Different Kind of Year-End Review

Phil Stutz's Tools for Life

🎙Audio Repost: Josh Wolfe. Using Doubt as Fuel and Bootstrapping an Enduring Partnership

Back in Germany

🎙 Audio Repost: Patrick O'Shaughnessy. World Building with the Most Interesting People

Between Rest and Overdrive: Are Great Investors Lazy?

Great Investors Build Networks and Never Stop Learning with Alix Pasquet III

Herald of the Change

Magic Words in the World of Magic Money

📚Investment Library: The Money Game

The Hustler: Lessons from a Young Warren Buffett

The Philosopher's Trading Experiment: Peter Thiel and the Big Short That Never Was

On The Other Side of Bubble Mountain

Getting out of Your Own Way

What Creates Opportunity?

🎙Adam Mead, Author of The Complete Financial History of Berkshire Hathaway

📚No Grand Strategy: The Complete Financial History of Berkshire Hathaway

📰Inside the Mind of Young Seth Klarman (1991 Interview)

The Evolution of Endowment Investing

Thinking About the Next Warren Buffett

Stanley Druckenmiller at CNBC Delivering Alpha

🎙Audio: Charlie Bluhdorn: The Conglomerate Boom's Tragic Hero

Charlie Bluhdorn: The Conglomerate Boom's Tragic Hero

Stanley Druckenmiller with David Novak

Follow-Up: Alix Pasquet and the Learning Mindset (Presentation, Transcript, Q&A)

Stanley Druckenmiller and Alex Karp of Palantir

🎙Audio Repost: Reflections on the Investing Process with Michael Mauboussin

🎙Audio: Focus and Finding Your Favorite Problems

Focus and Finding Your Favorite Problems

🎙 The Learning Mindset for Investors with Alix Pasquet

🎙Audio: The Tiger That Was a Wolf: Lessons From Julian Robertson

Julian Robertson: Lessons From the Tiger Who Was a Wolf

🎙Audio: Picking Stocks Like Warren Buffett

Picking Stocks Like Warren Buffett

Organizing your mental kitchen for information FOMO (Building A Second Brain)

Family Business

Travel Note: View from the Peak

"A path opens to those who are honest."

Time for a walk (taking a summer break)

Commodities Corporation: Traders, Innovators, and Making a Virtue out of Necessity

Money: One Hell of a Drug. Empire of Pain: The Secret History of the Sackler Dynasty

Workshop Note: Collecting Art, The Family Office Seeding KKR, Jim Simon's 5 Principles, Buffett's Energy Bets

Minds of the Market

🎙Marc Rubinstein of Net Interest: Fascinating Financials

Q&A with Nelson Wu of Open Square: Energy and Uncomfortable Dinner Conversations

Stanley Druckenmiller is Taking a Break (Maybe You Should, Too?)

Josh Wolfe, Venture Capital's Passionate Skeptic

Q&A with Scott Reardon: Great Investor Track Records

The Market Has No Memory. Should We?

George Soros: A Life In Full

Workshop Note: Bear Market Traps🐻

🎙Nick Maggiulli: Just Keep Buying

One Year In: Man Against Market

Liquidity, Market Signals, and Capital Cycles: Druckenmiller's Interviews of 1988 and 2018

🎙Sebastian Mallaby and the Machine for Manufacturing Courage

Buffett's first major TV interview and 5,106 pages of wisdom

When to listen to markets? Druckenmiller, Diversity, and the Debate over 1987

🎙Mary Childs and her book The Bond King

Does Wall Street Need New Storytelling?

🎙Max Frumes: The Caesar's Palace Coup and Distressed Investing

Stanley Druckenmiller, Part 3: The Crash of 1987

🎙Investors of Fintwit: Evan Tindell of Bireme Capital

Fintwit's Tipping Point?

What I Learned From Studying Michael Price

Subscriber Poll: Sebastian Mallaby, Ask Me Anything, Content & Frequency, Audio

Stanley Druckenmiller, Part 2: It's Good To Be Interesting

🎙Conversation with Jimmy Soni about his book The Founders and the story of Paypal

Weekly Workshop: Insomnia, ValueHive Podcast, Michael Price, Michael Mauboussin, Pierre Andurand

Stanley Druckenmiller, Part 1: The Young Gun Finds His Game

Q&A with Massif Capital: A Reshuffling in Real Assets

Weekly Workshop: Longevity and the Search for Equilibrium

🎙TRANSCRIPT: Dan McMurtrie: Resilience, Recovery, and Longevity in Investing

🎙Dan McMurtrie: Resilience, Recovery, and Longevity in Investing

Weekly Workshop: Dave Nadig on Russian Stocks, Regime Change, War Trades, Mandelblatt, Pricing Power, Industrials, Twitter Snacks

Weekly Workshop: Ukraine, Icahn, Warren and Charlie, Caesar’s Palace, Lion Tracker, Twitter Snacks

Thinking About Endgames

📚: The Power Law: A History of Systematic Serendipity and Grand Slams

Kai Wu of Sparkline Capital: Tackling Difficult Questions With Unstructured Data

🎙Tom Morgan: The Voice Telling You It's Time To Move

What I Learned From David Tepper

David Tepper: The King of Bouncing Back

Workshop Note: Reality Tunnels

Conversation with Rob Wertheimer: Studying Great Industrials & Searching for Compounders

📚 Lessons from the Titans: Studying Great Industrial Companies

JAB and the Family Office Conundrum

Workshop Note: Culture & Conditions

Michael Bloomberg: Fintech’s People Person

Workshop Note: Learning (And Failing?) in Public with Jim O'Shaughnessy

The New Year’s Conundrum