I’m Frederik. I write about money and the search for a meaningful life.

I spent a decade working on Wall Street working out my unconscious ‘daddy issues’ before losing my job and finding myself on a forced sabbatical during COVID. This led me to four years of writing and wrestling.

Along the way, money has always been on my mind. Money is a funny thing. It does funny things to us. It makes us do funny things. Money is also a very serious thing. It can be the difference between freedom and servitude, even between life and death.

Money is both simple and complex. Our relationship to it tends to be deeply emotional and often contradictory. I believe that the path to prosperity – individually and collectively – requires that we master money without becoming its servant.

The path to a better world demands that we investigate the nature of our desires, that we wrestle with the paradox of money, and that we come to terms with its duality. I hope my work will help you prosper – with money and in life.

This is where I should pitch you on becoming a paid subscriber – but I won’t.

It’s not that I don’t care about the money. Writing has been paying my rent, which pretty much proves that magic is real. Of course I want you to subscribe. But the truth is that my writing has been a deeply selfish endeavor.

It may look like I’m writing for my readers, but I write for myself.

I write to learn who I am, to understand what I think, and to make sense of the world.

I write to stay sane and to stay awake. I write because I am terrified of slipping back into numbness. I write to expose the convenient lies that kept me comfortably asleep. I write to survive.

Writing has been my sanctuary during my journey through the underworld. Some days, the blank page is a refuge. Other days, it turns out to be a dragon’s cave. Either way, writing has been a way to wrestle with difficult truths.

I write because I must. Writing has been an attempt to save myself, to get myself to listen. I write because following my curiosity and speaking my truth has been one of the few things I found meaningful.

I write because I believe that a few words can transform lives – and there is only one way to find out if I am right. I believe those ideas and stories are out there waiting for us. You’re welcome to join me on the journey.

What I write about:

  • The Money Game — can you win and also live a meaningful life? Let’s find out.

  • The Way of Alchemy — what ideas and stories transform our darkness into gold?

  • Walks and Sparks — reflections on my path to purpose through the wasteland looking for sparks of curiosity, awe, and joy

  • Visions — what is happening, why, and where is all of this going? Wrestling with culture and the world at large


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