Dec 7, 2022 • 1HR 27M

Great Investors Build Networks and Never Stop Learning with Alix Pasquet III

"I like things that are both altruistic and self-serving. Teaching is both. I love seeing people do well with what I've taught them. But I also love when they later call me with their best ideas."

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My previous conversation with Alix.

Hello everyone,

I’m very excited to share this follow-up conversation with my friend Alix Pasquet III, Managing Partner and portfolio manager at hedge fund Prime Macaya. Last time, Alix shared his thoughts on the learning mindset for investors (on Spotify and YouTube, presentation and transcript).

If your behavior hasn't changed, you haven't learned. Learning is not sitting on a desk, and cramming your brain with knowledge that you're going to recite one day.

It was a popular talk and this time I wanted to dig deeper into an area in which I’ve learned a lot from Alix over the years: how to build enduring networks.

I’ve long struggled with this. I can get tense and self conscious around large groups of strangers. It takes me a while to open up. I shudder at the memory of handing out business cards and playing a character rather than being my natural self. Conferences and happy hours were not my happy place.

Alix taught me a lot about how to build networks …

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