Sitemap - 2023 - The Art of Alchemy

🎙Lyn Alden: Studying the Financial System

In the Land of Triggers (Merry Christmas🌟)

Journal: The Writing Mission (is to be curious), a New Covenant, and Twelve Questions

The Infinite Ladder

📚 The Tragedy of Good Ideas Taken Too Far

Farewell to Charlie Munger

Marshmallow Mind

Journal: Gratitude, Admiration, and Your Life in 10,000 Days🦃

✍Journal. Relationships, Teachers, 'Sacred' Spaces, and Learning from Chris Davis, Reece Duca, Scott Bessent, Aswath Damodaran, and Morgan Housel

Ed Thorp: Survival of the Fittest Mind

Journal: The Paradox of Happiness

Wisdom to start your week: Stanley Druckenmiller and Charlie Munger

11 Things I Learned About Investing

The Roman Empire Fallacy

Weekend Journal: Smoking for the Mind, Gratitude, Todd Combs, Buffett in a Nutshell, 👉NYC Sound Meditation

📚 Broken Money: Lyn Alden's Financial Inevitabilities

✍Journal: Reflections on Patience, Perspective, and Meaning

📚 Family of Value: The Davis Dynasty

Five lessons from Peter Brown, CEO of Renaissance Technologies

Three Years Of Writing Online

Focus: The Last Superpower?

Journal: Beal, Infinite Loops, and Asymmetry in Work and Life

High Roller: Lessons from America's Richest Banker

🎙Podcast: Nervous System Mastery with Jonny Miller

Behind The Curtains of Buffett's Life with Alice Schroeder

The Maze

The Pritzkers: Buffett's Blueprint

Working Without Working: The Creative Night Shift

Filtering The Idea Funnel

The Courage to Stand Out: Sam Zell's Contrarianism

🎙Cultivating the Creative Seventh Sense with William Duggan

Surviving Markets: Why Great Investors Are Rare

📚How Fortunes Are Made: Revisiting From Predators to Icons

📚 Wrestling With Intuition (Can You Cultivate Flashes of Insight?)

Meditations: Three Mantras I Like

Escaping the Caterpillar Pillar with Jared Dillian

A Simple Framework for Wealth

🎙️Community Conversation with Alix Pasquet III: How To Be a Great Analyst

Great Investors See Things Differently (Are Mental Models Actually Pointless?)

Bahamas, Bank Runs, Buffett vs. Druckenmiller

Stanley Druckenmiller is not a happy camper (speeches at Sohn & USC Marshall)

☕ Community: Travel Meetups (Nassau, Berlin) & WhatsApp

The Virtues of Great Investors: Mark Sellers and Jason Zweig (How is Your Writing?)

Dark Buffett, Buying Banks, Jewish Treasury Bills, and Amex's Float: More Alternate History

Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting Best Of

Pain As A Teacher

👉 Registration: Private Discussion and Q&A with Alix Pasquet III on May 2nd

Are You Building Your Reservoir?

🌄 Community events update

What if? Warren E. Buffett, An Alternate History

📚 Can't Escape the Capital Cycle


We Carry Our Own Cage (Hangout RSVP and The Painted Bird)

👏 Hanging Out and/or Live Q&A

The Price of Being a Professional (Succession, Steven Pressfield, and, of course, Buffett)

📚 Make Something Wonderful: Steve Jobs in his own words

Beware the Mask You Wear

The Derivative Thinker (Robert Wilson, Part II)

Falling Out Of Life

Highlights from Charlie Munger's Conversation with Todd Combs (2022 Singleton Prize for CEO Excellence)

Real Growth is Scary as Hell

Buffett's Lectures at the University of Notre Dame (1991)

Robert Wilson and The Danger of Hubris

Statistically Speaking, You Are The Patsy

Cranking The Learning Machine Up To 11

📚 Could You Bear Being the Sidekick?

Enough: The Forgotten Lesson of Ben Graham's Life

The Lonely Search for Purpose

📰 Peter Lynch: Confessions of an Investaholic (1990)

📚 So Far, So Good: Roy Neuberger's Long Walk Down Wall Street

The 'Berkshire System': Life Advice From a Shareholder Letter

🎙Drew Cohen of Speedwell Research: Deep Research and Business Counterfactuals

📰Henry Singleton in 1978: “The Sphinx Speaks”

Was Tepper Wrong? Liquidity, Timing, and the Keynesian Beauty Contest

Michael Platt Addendum: Inside the Trader's Mind

📰 Bill Ackman's First Profile (1993)

Hedge Fund Investing is Hard & Michael Platt's Obsession with Risk

🎙Podcast: Paul Podolsky and The Paradox of Financial Fiction

David Einhorn: The Pequod Returns Home

Thinking About the Tail End and the Long-Term. With Mark Leonard, Nick Sleep, Druckenmiller, Buffett and Reinsurance, Paul Tudor Jones, Alix Pasquet

Buffett Profile from 1979: "The investor's investor"

📚 How To Invest by David Rubenstein.

🎙Audio Repost: Watching Game Tapes of History’s Best Entrepreneurs with David Senra

2022 Recap: A Foggy Road Is Still A Road