Sitemap - 2021 - The Art of Alchemy

Going Pro: A Recap of 2021.

Henry Ellenbogen’s Playbook for Durable Growth

The No-Nonsense DAO Q&A with Kash Dhanda

Workshop Note: On Ambition

Transcript: Conversation with William Green: Mastering Your Mind

Conversation with William Green: Mastering Your Mind, Resilience, and Great Investors as Practical Philosophers

Sumner Redstone: Winning Above All Else.

Workshop Note: Lehrgeld

Bill Miller’s Journey (Part II): Lessons of Triumph and Tragedy.

Gratitude, Desire, and a Money Paradox

Kirk Kerkorian: The Lessons of Leverage (Part II)

Author Sebastian Mallaby on Understanding Legendary Investors

Workshop Note: Wen Rich, Ser?

Clutter and the Clean Slate.

The Rise of Media-First Investors

The Nomad Partnership Letters (Nick Sleep, Zak Zakaria)

Workshop Note: A Weird Initiation

Conversation with Dominique Mielle, Author of Damsel in Distressed

Bill Miller: An Investor's Evolution (Part I)

The Reading Obsession

Workshop Note: Squid Game

Kirk Kerkorian: The Lessons of Leverage

Workshop Note: Inventing Yourself

David Geffen: Capitalizing on Talent

Table of Contents

Workshop: Taking Stock

Interview with David Clarke, author of the unpublished Floyd Odlum biography

Q&A with Author Luke Burgis

Workshop Note

The Complex Case of Floyd Odlum

The Milken Way

Mistakes were made (I did a dumb thing)

Zooming in on history

Have I Got Your Attention Now?

Marc Rich, Part II: Profits over Politics

Marc Rich, Part I: Riches in Regime Change

Betting on change

The Crash of 1987: Julian Robertson’s Test of Conviction

The Most Important Insight(s)

Bernard Arnault: Empire Builder

Business History with Gary Hoover

📚 Studying Predators

The Rise of Bernard Arnault

Workshop Note and Thinking about Desires

A Legacy Transformed: John Elkann’s Journey

Workshop note

The Chobani Story

Dealing With Mistakes

Meshulam Riklis: The Dark Side of Graham & Dodd

How to move on (but faster)

George Soros's Layers of Conviction

Accepting Rejection

How Craig McCaw Pioneered the Wireless Age

The Beauty of Vulnerability

Ready to go

Barry Diller’s System of Discovery, Debate, and Development. Part II.

Barry Diller’s System, Part I: Diller’s Roots.

A Big Announcement: Going Pro.

The Scarcity Struggle

Divorce, Denial, Dissonance Reduction

Where did the time go?

Weekly Note: Personal News, Reading, Podcasts, Some Sleuthing

The College Friends Who Bet Their Way to Billions

Emerging Manager Addendum & Stuff I Loved

Attempting the Impossible

Personal Note and Poll (+Weekly Learning)

A Call to Adventure (#23)

Stalking Bubbles: Paul Tudor Jones, 1987-1990

New Paths (#21)

Barry Diller's Beginner's Mind

Dangerous Distractions (Notes #19)

Thinking Big: Lawrence Stroll's Race to the Top

WSB & GameStop: The Market's 'OK Boomer' Moment (#17)

La Casa Del SPAC (#16)

People & Ideas (#15)

Boone Pickens: High Stakes Games in a Tough Industry (Part I)

People & Ideas (#13)

Alexander Tamas: the VC you've never heard of