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there is a pic of Warren sitting in his office purposed by the camera eye

as the consummate reader. oh what a grand! it was for my own eye

to catch that worn Value Line Investment Survey compendium perched

by an arm's reach from Warren at the moment necessary. I studied that

same paper cave of financial & technical details on those 1700 stocks in

my small town library back in the 70's. arriving full circle; here is one of

your best write ups for my own financial curiosity & it's one that wills

the karmic influx my way. for sure, Adam Mead's effort will sit in front of

me pretty damn quick thanks to Neckar's connection.

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I really enjoyed our chat, Frederik! Happy to answer any questions readers have here in the chat. Or ping me on Twitter: @brk_student

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Great book!

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It's such a good book!

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Great post, now i have to read the book. COngrats Mr. Mead, it appears you wrote the book we need to read.

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