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Coming from a young guy trying to 1. Transition a career and 2. Continue my education, you writing is a tremendous resource. I find the length absolutely digestable but full of details and a level of specificity that is tough to find. Perfect for a long bus ride home. I reread most of your posts to be honest because it reminds me that what I did in the classroom may only matter in class. The realities of the biggest successes and failures are far more fraught. Keep doing what your doing because your making a whole fo of education for guys like me.

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Oct 14, 2021Liked by Frederik Gieschen

As a content creator myself, know that I struggle with the exact same issues you do.

It's tough as nails.

I'm working on ironing out a new plan myself.

But here is the key (you seem to have already found it): consistency.

Writing a 3,000+ word issue every week on a company has been challenging to say the least, but very rewarding.

Keep on keeping on, and just know you are not alone in the struggle 😉👍

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