Pain is an incredible thing. Surely, an amazing teacher when we push through and emerge on the other side. Then, we are only to find out there is more to come. Its a daily process, moment by moment, coming in a variety of colors. Sometimes it's entirely unexpected and out of our control. Other times, we choose to walk in the fire.

Our minds are immensely powerful. Our perception, the way that we see and experience the world, the way that we feel and process pain. The way that pain stores as memory and affects in ways we may know or be completely unaware of. You talk often about this inner world. I am fascinated by it, by what's occurring in the unconscious, the persisting patterns, the fears, the resistance, and so on.

I appreciate another provoking piece. Thanks for sharing some of your practices.

Have a great day.

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Interesting read. I recently read Goggins' book and thought that he is at the absolute extreme of the growth mindset. He needs constant challenge and difficultly to feel like he is growing, which is like a drug.

I find that the best data scientists are also much more likely to have a well developed growth mindset. Not as far a Goggins but much more so than the average person, myself included.

I think this apocryphal advertisement from Shackleton really sums up Goggins mindset: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/shackleton-probably-never-took-out-an-ad-seeking-men-for-a-hazardous-journey-5552379/

I can see a lot of people who would be attracted by this advert. Instead of promising money, they are promised difficulty. I think it is as much about mindset as it is achievement.

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