I’ve been using his method for over a year with the Notion app 👍

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Aug 19, 2022Liked by Frederik Gieschen

this was a resonating tooling for the data mechanix's toolbox like myself.

will pour over Tiago's many composites as it creates added value to my own self ascribed system.

perhaps- like trading systems being & becoming idiosyncratic it may be fair judgement for me to stop here . . . . . . but let's see what can happen. my HD has one folder - SEE (my initials) under this folder rests about 25 supportive folders. in this list are 3 consequential folders - 2 are what I call Life Year folders & the third is the existential powerhouse folder called LIFE. My birthday year is my life year. so this year my folder named "Projects LY63" gets all of my folders pertaining to actionable themes by day. these are dynamic like a garage - gaining, retaining respective data to the folder's name. every folder starts with yyyy-mm-dd for structure. "Projects LY63 Finished" gets all of those folders from the actionable projects folder as when appropriately determined. I live my life everyday with 22 Actionable Themed folders - "Trading","House","Bicycle","Coding","Welding" & on. Each birthday week i move the contents of these 2 LY## folders into the respective actionable themed folder, but move them into a LY## folder to better curate the enormity of the data insert. My Trading folder will have a LY63 folder with all respective events preceded by past LY* folders. All of my actionable themed folders are curating in the same method. Come the 1st day after my birthday I build 2 new LY64 folders - Projects & Finished & anything still in the works in Projects is moved to the LY64 folder as "Open LY63". why? - 10 years ago I started a daily analog journal as an educational enterprise for self reflection & improvement. from each of these yearly planners i took all of the data for the LY & summed it all into a 10 year annual 'book'. I did this from age48 to age60. the project was infinitely successful for me. the first couple of LY efforts were scrapings & gatherings looking for structure. by year effort #4 I had quickly adapted & choreographed the necessary structure & its discerning entities to carry me forward with a resonance & profoundness I could not have imagined from the hardscrabble beginning. the trick to becoming purposeful in one's efforts is start expressing one's uniqueness through their personal LY birthday as the most productive timeline.

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You need Obsidian in your life!

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Funny, I've also been thinking about productivity apps lately.

I've pretty much settled on the following approach: 1) a to-do list app for the capture phase 2) then once at a keyboard, I organise the information in Notion


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