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It's nice piece, and any day meaningful relationships are way more important than blind pursuit of power and wealth.

But ask anyone. Some of our biggest source of pain and suffering comes from our deepest relationships! Blinding, cutting, searing pain. A pain that blows the roof off of our lives.

So I think this discovery is just the beginning of the search of our journey. A journey towards true and lasting happiness.

We're souls crashing around in the darkness. I think we won't be truly happy unless we turn our hearts to the Divine living inside us.

And that takes insane courage.

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Great piece and thanks for sharing the insights. It is interesting that we often need to fight the advertising agenda in order to appreciate the simple things in life. I hope you enjoyed your trip!

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Amen. On happiness: “Though perceived externally, it is an inside job. It’s less about the smile and more so the soul. It is assurance of one’s goodness by doing right by yourself, your loved ones, your world.

Above all, happiness is a byproduct, not a destination or end all be all.

It is not a target at which to aim, but an outcome which to savor.

How can one find it?” https://www.whitenoise.email/p/happy-is-as-happy-does

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Your writing is excellent. Thank you for sharing with honesty and authenticity. It is a gift to hear your thought process as you work through one important idea after another. It deeply resonates with me. Have a great day.

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Hope you had a great time upstate. Nature and exercise always heal - the simple things

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Loved this piece !

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Thank you. An amazing text!

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