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I admire the way your post beautifully captures the essence of a remarkable personality and their enduring wisdom. Charlie's passing inspired me to craft a piece highlighting his profound impact on the realm of value investing. It's easy to overlook the profound influence he had until we recognize that his insights will remain timeless, continuing to shape future generations.

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"Among investors, Buffett and Munger seem to trigger a nostalgia for an era of less efficient and slower paced markets...an age when generalists followed their curiosity rather than being constantly pushed to specialize"

Absolutely. I wonder if we can find space for this approach, it has an adventurous and rewarding spirit that I think many people would like to experience in their careers and life.

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I remember reading decades ago, Thomas Mann being asked, if there were great writers alive today--around 1950--; he replied, yes, we just don’t know who they are, yet. In investing people want to know the next Buffett, the next Berkshire. Life doesn’t work that way. Was there ever a next Sokrates? It is our task to keep them alive. As Sokrates--and Charlie--would say, it is our job to keep the logos alive. I hope someone will write a truly fine biography of Charlie. In the meantime, I live with my memories of knowing him. I feel fortunate. I hope I help to keep the logos alive, and so, to honor Charlie.

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