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Fantastic memo sir, greatly enjoyed.

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props to this effort. for all the immersion towards your personal

integrity for the living effort -- i took some measure for my personal

journey. 12 years ago i looked at the living life effort as a problem or

series of problems to be solved. the climbing life transforming my

universal thought process - especially the climbing form called "bouldering".

this new action effort took me well away from the center of the curve

& put me square to myself. the only unique trait becoming necessary

i realized, was the Life Year living effort beginning with the birthday.

gripping this reality pushed me to deal with all these Stutz things so eloquently.

and it required work. but the work became part of my individuality to making

the effort my own. and thus; also the result - my own. i call it the building of me.

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Hi - I think. The quote is, “ your life force is the only part of you that is capable of guiding you when you are lost” thanks

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Hi- from the film. Also transcripts are automated and can be tricky. Thanks

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