If you want to 10x your breathwork, consider Othership. It's pricey, but it has unlocked significant spiritual and emotional awaking during the 20-45 minute journeys. It has also helped me reduce my awake breath per minutes from 18 to 12 over a three month time period, and my cardiovascular health as improved considerably.

The only guarantees in life are work, pain, and discomfort. If you start with this framework and understanding, everything else in your control should act as tools to help you overcome it. Live a life by design by starting with the person you want to be in light of these guarantees.

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Grateful for this piece.

I resonate with the practices and tools that you have gravitated to.

I have found that intense physical activity, incorporated into every day is crucial, to bring a sense of personal power, strength, and confidence. Jiu Jitsu has been an incredible art and discipline to be a part of, just in learning intense embodied movement and grappling, and really, to explore the edges of our comforts.

Going into the remote mountains when possible is tremendously healing and humbling. There's something about the quietness of the natural world, while simultaneously being reminded of how small we are, while we are still a miracle for simply existing. I think it's the experiences that provoke dreams and imagination such as looking up at the stars, across the ocean, or the high peaks. To see the magic of the earth and beyond.

Lastly, taking moments to focus on the breath. To move slowly and breathe deeply, really taking in the fresh air. Breathing can be so calming while also so empowering and powerful. Something so simple yet profound.

Making these changes, and putting our attention on the right things, the things that add to our lives

and fill us with energy is crucially important.

Thanks again for this great piece.

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This was especially useful. I never considered such practices and I am actively exploring them now.

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